Daily fantasy golf is an increasingly popular sport throughout the fantasy world, and there’s never been a better time for you to get involved. The great thing about golf is that tournaments last for four whole days, giving you more time to enjoy the action and cheer on your players.

Fantasy golf has a lot of unique aspects that set it apart from other fantasy sports like football or basketball, and you need to approach it in a different way to those games in order to see success. Today, we’ll be looking at some top tips that every player needs to know if they want to start winning more DFS golf leagues and contests. So let’s get started.

Win Golf on DraftKings

Our first tip is about scoring. This can differ from site to site, but one of the constants throughout DFS golf is that birdies and eagles are always going to bag you a whole lot of points. Over on DraftKings, for example, you can get 3 points for a birdie and a whopping 5 points for an eagle, and other top DFS sites like FanDuel and DraftKings reward these achievements in a similar way.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that when preparing your rosters, you should prioritize those players who tend to make a lot of birdies. Even if your roster ends up with more bogeys, the bonus points from the birdies will far outweigh this aspect.

Next, let’s talk about the cut. This is part of what makes golf such a unique sport and it can really affect your DFS win rate. In case you’re not aware, the cut occurs after the first two days of most golf tournaments. At this point, any players who haven’t performed well enough are completely eliminated from the rest of the competition.

It’s the equivalent of having an NBA player only being allowed to play for half a game and it can massively dent your points tally if you pick players who fail to make the cut. Statistics show that players who make the cut earn more fantasy points on average, so it’s vital to pick golfers who often tend to make it to the final rounds. Golf is an unpredictable game, but you can look at player history, recent form, cut percentage and other stats to give yourself the edge.

As well as the players themselves, you’ll always want to take a look at the course they’re playing on. Every course is different, with different yardages, greens, distances, bunkers, fairways, and more.

Not only that, but there’s also the climate to take into account, with tournaments being held all around the world. Each course will be better-suited to a certain type of play. A relatively short course with a par of 70 might have narrow fairways, beneficial to players with good driving accuracy.

Meanwhile, a longer course might offer some more generous fairways and be better-suited to players who can hit the ball longer distances. You need to take the time to do the necessary research on the course, check out how players have fared on it in the past and use all the data you can find to make the smartest decisions for your roster.

Next up, let’s talk value. This is a key element in every kind of daily fantasy sports and golf is no different. Good value players can be the difference-makers in your lineup, especially in golf as so many fantasy players tend to all choose the same big names.

A good way to think outside of the box and find the best value players is to check out the Vegas Odds and see how each player is rated. Comparing their odds with their salary on your fantasy site of choice is a great way to spot certain players who might have been “underpriced” by the fantasy site.

Let’s say you find two golfers who are both priced at 25-1 to win a tournament, but one of them has a salary of $8,500 and the other has a salary of $9,000, the cheaper golfer offers more value as he has the same odds of winning and lets you save some cash. Of course, odds can be vague so it’s worth looking a little deeper and checking out recent form and player history, but this is a good system to help you identify value.

Another important tip is to simply remember that golf is a very unique sport. There are no teams, players don’t get benched, the opposition has no influence on a player’s chance of doing well, it’s all about individual skill and mentality. Each golfer plays the holes and has his chance to win the tournament, and that’s why the sport is so unpredictable and tends to see a lot of upsets and surprise victories.

You need to remember all of this when getting started with DFS golf and take the right approach to the game. It might be tempting to just choose the star names for your roster, but you can’t forget the importance of the cut. If you try a ‘stars and scrubs’ strategy, half of your lineup might miss out on the cut and you’ll be at a huge disadvantage compared to other players who have chosen lesser-known players who all managed to make it to the final rounds.

Statistics show that mid-tier players are more than capable of rivaling the bigger stars in terms of fantasy points. There are plenty of golfers who consistently make the cut without necessarily having a lot of victories to their name, and these are the players you’ll want to focus on.

In DFS golf, consistency is king, and the perfect roster will consist of players who all make the cut. Use these tips and your own knowledge and research to try to make these rosters every time, and you’ll have the best chance of winning.